Perkuna Engineering has delivered complete engineering turnkey solutions. Analysis of needs, digital prototyping and analysis, creation of fabrication drawings, quality supervision during production, assembly and testing, and full documentation with performance and safety characterisation.

Although our expertise is ideally suited for electric drivetrain projects, our skill set and experience with robust electromechanics lends itself well to a variety of projects.

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REV 300ACX Ford Escape Battery Fully-Electric Vehicle Conversions

On behalf of REV Technologies, Perkuna Engineering completed the design and assembly of a fully electric sport utility vehicle. The entire gasoline powertrain was removed, including the engine, transmission, gas tank, and exhaust system. The frame of the vehicle was 3D laser scanned, so that CAD could be used to design an entirely new electric drivetrain without any modification to the vehicle chassis. The 125 kW motor propels the vehicle to a speed of 130 km/h and has a range nearing 160 km per charge. The result is a fully-electric vehicle with performance surpassing that of the original vehicle.

REV 300ACX with Grid-Tie Inverters and Remote Operation

This vehicle is a REV 300ACX fully-electric vehicle with enhanced capability. The differentiating feature of this electric vehicle is the ability of the vehicle to supply power to the electrical grid. The vehicle can be remotely toggled between charging and inverting modes via a wireless connection. This makes the vehicle useful as a mobile power supply or as a residential or commercial backup power source.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Fully-Electric Baggage Tractor Conversions

Perkuna Engineering designed and built a conversion package for converting several existing gas-powered baggage tractors to a fully-electric battery-powered drivetrain. Customised components and electrical harnesses were designed to reduce conversion cost and increase ease of installation and use.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Electric Tow Tractor Lithium Battery Pack

This project involved designing and fabricating a lithium battery to replace an existing lead-acid battery of an electric tow tractor. The much higher-density lithium battery pack provides a longer vehicle runtime, and requires no maintenance.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Conveyor Belt Loader Conversion

Perkuna Engineering designed and performed a conversion of a gas-powered conveyor belt loader to a fully-electric battery-powered drivetrain. Customised components and electrical harnesses were designed to reduce conversion cost and increase ease of installation and use. With a fully-electric drivetrain and conveyor belt drive, the converted conveyor belt loader uses dramatically less energy than the original gas-powered version, which required the engine to power the hydraulics, even when only the conveyor belt was in operation.

SAE J1772 Electric Vehicle Charger Interface

Perkuna designed an interface between a standard SAE J1772 vehicle charger, and a non-compatible simple and inexpensive battery charger. This design bridges the gap between common, inexpensive battery charges, and commonplace, safety-enhanced vehicle charge stations. The component was designed and field-tested with a variety of vehicle charge stations to ensure compatibility and reliability.

On-Site and Remote Support Services for Electric Vehicle Maintenance

Perkuna has substantial experience performing on-site and remote support for vehicle maintenance. This includes on-site maintenance of vehicles under extremely time-sensitive conditions, as well as the remote diagnosis of issues, and provision of solutions, components, detailed instructions, and guidance.

Proprietary Ruggedized Energy System

This project involved the design, fabrication, and testing of a ruggedized energy system. This system was designed to be installed on large-scale heavy equipment. The system includes an industrial-grade system controller and datalogging equipment.

Sensor Signal Conditioning Printed Circuit Board

This project involved taking a prototype circuit to production-ready status. Perkuna delivered a complete package of design files required for future fabrication, as well as a fully-assembled and tested initial run of 50 units.

Seismic Analysis and Inspection

Perkuna was contracted to analyse the design of a structure to ensure that the system would be safe, and conform to the BC Building Code. Simulation and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was performed, and determined that the design did not conform to code. Perkuna proposed a number of recommendations which resulted in a successful redesign. Perkuna also performed on-site inspection of the structure.

Consumer Product Design

Perkuna has designed a number of projects for the consumer market. Using advanced CAD software and tools, Perkuna can rapidly develop your product ideas. We can perform package studies, produce prototypes, and prepare a production-ready design.

Timing Gate System for a Motion Analysis and Biofeedback Laboratory

This project involved the design and fabrication of a timing gate system for use in a motion analysis and biofeedback laboratory. The system measures the exact time it takes for a person to walk between two gates, which can be used to calculate the average walking speed of the individual. The system is managed by a microcontroller, and is operated by a tethered display and control unit. A customised enclosure and brackets were designed to allow mounting on standard photographic tripods.